An inspirational man – Bill Cunningham: New York

Last week I watched my new favourite film – you’ve GOT to see it!!

It’s actually a documentary, of an amazing man called Bill Cunningham. You may or may not have heard of him, but you’ll certainly have been influenced by him.


He’s a street fashion photographer and pretty much invented the concept. In the documentary they even get Anna Wintour saying he often spots trends before they do! Quite a claim…


The documentary is heart warming, funny and inspiring, for those in fashion or photography, and well as entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to find their passion. Bill loves his work so much that he mostly refuses to get paid (to keep control of his artistic direction), has never dated, wears the same thing every day, and works 20 hour days with a MASSIVE smile on his face. His energy is contagious and his passion makes you want to run headfirst towards your dreams.


You can read more about the man himself here:

And get info on the film here:


Even if you don’t have time to watch the whole film you MUST make it part of your weekly routine to hear his roundup of street style in New York. He spots all the next trends, colours, and ideas, and captures the real life joy of fashion in all it’s forms – from kids, to supermodels. THIS is why I love fashion.


An absolutely inspirational man



Real sized runway models

I read an interesting little article today that gave me quite mixed feelings so thought I’d share it with you…


I adore fashion week, catwalks and browsing pictures of models. But… I’m not sure what it does for my body image – I’m quite happy with my shape, but it always feels like there’s room for improvement, and it’s possible some of this comes from the huge number of Victoria Secret images I consume! Cue browsing Beyonce’s workout routine Instagrams while I sit on the sofa avoiding the idea of deadlifts and planking.


So, when I saw the latest Cosmo article I had mixed reactions….

As a mini viral campaign a photoshop genius has taken images of runway models and made them ‘real’ size (i.e. around a 12/14 UK). I generally stand by the principles of proven economics – that designers wouldn’t choose such thin models without reason – maybe it really does make people want to buy the clothes more? However, in this case I found myself still adoring the clothes, so I don’t think it took away from the ‘desire to buy’ at all.

nrm_1424782491-syn-2-nrm_1424279642-layered-5 nrm_1424782472-syn-2-nrm_1424279311-layered-1


Having said that, I am always surprised by how I consistently prefer the runway version to the red carpet version in comparison posts. Considering the celebrities wearing them are still nowhere near ‘normal’ perhaps I am warped to prefer runway models to any other shape? Or maybe it’s simply that no one can exude the bizarrely appealing grumpy confidence and posture like a strutting model, and that’s what appeals rather than their weight….

Marion-Cotillard-In-Giambattista-Valli-Couture-2015-Vanity-Fair-Party Ellie-Goulding-In-Alberta-Ferretti-2015-BRIT-Awards


So, would I really be ok with seeing fewer size 0s on the catwalk, or am I just kidding myself? I’d like to think I would! Realistically models of any size are going to have amazing features, perfect proportions (both body and face), hours of hair and makeup, and lovely lighting – so would it be so bad for the industry if they didn’t have an eating disorder too? Coincidentally, this week is actually Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I read a lovely (and relatably honest) article by fellow blogger Alice which I’d highly recommend: My Eating Disorder. Catwalk models, magazine models, and red carpet celebrities, are never going to be attainable if we’re honest, but it’d be nice to see a bit more variation in skin colour and waist size.


What are your thoughts? I’d be really interested to hear so I can clear up my own!!


How much did your outfit cost?

I recently came across this fab article where people at New York Fashion Week were asked how much their head-to-toe outfit cost. It’s fascinating to see the range of answers, and how almost always the big bucks go on bags and shoes.


Would love you guys to send in pics of your favourite outfit (thrifted or not) and the total spend. I’m going to start doing this on all my outfit posts – love it!




Happy reading :)



My new favourite blog!

Sorry Tinderella – you were my all time favourite blog for all of 2 days, until I discovered this beauty. Bad timing my love.

(but p.s. toats do check out Tinderella because it’s the funniest thing ever made)


Everyone – I’d like to introduce you to Knickers Model’s Own….

It’s written by a fabulous lady called Caroline, who’s taken on a one year challenge to buy and wear ONLY charity shop clothes (except pants – hence the blog name). It’s all in aid of Cancer Research UK, as she raises money to commemorate her Mum’s great style and the fun they had shopping together. Every day she posts a fabulous outfit on her facebook page to get you inspired to head to your local charity shop.


Here are a few of my fav outfits so far… She layers like an absolute GODESS and I love her fun print mixing and energetic posing. Best of all, she’s a real person, just like you & I, and it’s such an inspiration to get out there and play with some charity shop finds.





So, if you’d like to donate (which you obviously do) head to her JustGiving page and support.

And then, head right out to your nearest charity shop and send me a pic of the results! You know you want to….



My Top 10 Undiscovered Artists for 2015

Hey hey lovelies!

I haven’t done a ‘new music’ post for ages so I thought it was time for an update – here’s my top 10! I’ve tried to include a wide variation from acoustic to dance tracks. I’ll only share with you things with less than 250k views on Youtube (most have less than 50k) to make sure it’s truly fresh and undiscovered. Would love your thoughts, and tip offs on anything else you’ve found that you love!


First up, straight in with some EDM. I dare you not to dance.

Who? E.A.S.Y

Track? Coming Around Again

Vibe? Slight head banging & lots of body rolling night out

Youtube hits? (no official video yet) 72



Let’s switch it up with some love-in acoustics…

Who? Mike Dingham

Track? Lungs, and Relentless

Vibe? Half loved up acoustic guitar, half jazzy upbeats

Youtube hits? 30k, and 33k



Fancy some girl power? I got it!

Who? Eemia

Track? Time Bomb

Vibe? Sassy gal pal

Youtube hits? 307



Old school is coming back around

Who? Nizlopi (ok fair enough – they’re not new (remember the JBC song??) but this song is amazing and unknown)

Track? Start Beginning

Vibe? Hippies with cant-not-dance rhythm

Youtube hits? 197k




Who? Zak Abel

Track? These are the Days

Vibe? Soul and swagger for DAYS.

Youtube hits? 23k



Let’s head over to Nashville (via the British south coast)

Who? E-J Evans

Track? Nashville

Vibe? Upbeat romantic country (with a hint of Taylor Swift)

Youtube hits? NA, 30 plays on Soundcloud



Crank up the intensity…


Track? Glow

Vibe? The intensity of young love via twinkly notes and heavy basslines

Youtube hits? 26k



Fancy a rooftop heartbreak? You got it!

Who? Nina Smith

Track? This Love

Vibe? Soulful, upbeat heartbreak. Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) flavours.

Youtube hits? 300



Oh snap… get ready to rave

Who? MNEK (probably the best known artist in this post, but I couldn’t not include this)

Track? The Rhythm

Vibe? Taking you from pre-drinks to last orders at the club

Youtube hits? 247k



And lastly, dance your way off onto a wonderful day. Love ya <3


Track? End of the Night

Vibe? Two steppin’ in the sunshine

Youtube hits? 58k



What are you listening to right now?

Did you have a fav from this list?

Vlog – My Awesome Carboot Sale Haul

Hey guys!

Check out my latest video with a roundup haul of everything I got at the Capital Carboot sale in Pimlico, London. You can see my tour video here, and this new one below. I got some awesome things and am so excited to show you. I picked up a few items I’ve been looking for for aaaaages, so I was really psyched. Plus of course everything was super cheap. Love it!


Please like and subscribe and keep on supporting – love you guys! <3


Vlog – Best carboot sale in London!

Hey Guys!

I recently headed down to Capital Carboot sale (in Pimlico, London) and had an amazing time! I got loads of fab stuff which will be in my next video. But for now…. here’s my insider tour of what you can expect.


I went down at 11.30am, which is super late for a normal carboot, but for this one works perfectly. I’d recommend going at around that time, especially if you want to catch people reducing their stuff as they start to pack up!


You can watch the full video here, and please do like, subscribe and comment! Really appreciate all your support.




Full car boot

We did it!! 30 Day Declutter Challenge – Review and Final Pics


Final car pic




So, after 30 days we’ve now got rid of 465 items! We actually ended up throwing in a bunch more so goodness knows what our total is, but it’s been an amazing experience. If you didn’t join us this month I’d highly recommend it for February! No shame in starting a New Year’s Resolution in February.


Final haul 2




In the end the whole family ended up joining in, and we discovered plenty of areas untouched for months (e.g. bathroom cabinets, makeup collections, tupperware drawers, fancy dress boxes, and even under the bed! You’d be amazed how many things you can throw out without even noticing they’re gone.


Final haul




So, we took our items to a selection of charity shops (depending on what they sold), and put a lot in the bin/recycling. We also took another boot-full to the tip that we couldn’t fit in the picture! Serious self congratulation points going on here.






Now…. what’s next for us? Well, we’re certainly not stopping here. We’ll be toning down from the hardcore clearout stats, but we’re all going to have a donation bag/box in our rooms so that when we’re feeling strong/impulsive we can just chuck an item in. The secret with this though is to NEVER look in the bag! Just take it to a charity shop and feel good about it. If you look in I guarantee you’ll cave and take at least one thing out.


We came across a few interesting motivational blogs along the way, the most memorable of which gave us the 20/20 rule. It’s designed to help you get rid of the things you keep ‘just in case you need them someday’ – the rule says you can replace everything for under $20 in under 20…. and when you think about each item individually it’s totally true. Very liberating!


I’m also thinking about doing something during Lent. Perhaps not as hardcore as this 40 Bag in 40 Days blog but something to keep up the pace.


Full car boot


So, who’s doing it next month? And who’s got a suggestion for what our next challenge should be??

Declutter challenge Day 28

30 Day Declutter Challenge – Days 24-30

We did it!! Tomorrow’s post will be a picture of our huge haul and where it all went, plus a review of how we felt about the whole project…… but for now here’s the breakdown of the final few days:


24 Tupperware boxes – every household needs some, but this got a bit out of hand! Still plenty in the cupboard for work lunches, have no fear.

Declutter challenge Day 24



25 Accessories – swimwear, hats, gloves, belts, scarves, and everything in between. Some of these have never even been worn – definitely time for a clear out.

Declutter challenge Day 25


26 Fancy dress items – I’ve finally decided I’m a grownup post-uni and need to clear out my massive fancy dress collection. Don’t worry – I’ve kept one pair of fairy wings and a few other bits in case of fancy dress emergency, but things were getting a bit out of hand!



Declutter challenge Day 26


27 (at least) crafting items – my craft box has been growing as long as I have and I’ve never really done a review of it. As a kid I used to make lots of presents and cards for my parents so hoarded everything remotely sparkly or creative. However, I think if the need occurred at this point I could scrape together enough pocket money to buy felt rather than saving it – happy grownup days! Defnitely a satisfactory clear out. I didn’t really know how to count this one as there’s so many little scraps so I’ve just thrown it in at 27, but it’s 4 stuffed carrier bags so think it does the job.

Declutter challenge Day 27


28 hair accessories and jewellery – I never really use any hair accessories, and yet I have a bit of an addiction to buying them – consider this a vow to the end of that era!

Declutter challenge Day 28


29 items of clothing – and not a dent in my wardrobe – shame on me!

Declutter challenge Day 29



30 (more) items of clothing – and yes the wardrobe is still going strong. It’s pretty satisfying (and handy) to at least be able to fit everything on hangers though… and even move them along the rail a bit! VICTORY!

Declutter challenge Day 30



Emma @ Do Good and Be the Change (great blog name right?!) has been getting rid of a bag a week – you can read about it here: Week 1, Week 2. She’s giving one to each of her local charity shops which I think is a lovely idea – spread the love! I’d highly recommend checking out her blog for some great eBay tips, and general ethical shopping love.




And….. Nout from Sandpaperkisses is still keeping up with her 1 bag a week, and Cathi is up to date with her ruthless clothing clear out – looking forward to sharing pics of these with you soon!


So, that’s it folks. I’ll do a full evaluation in tomorrow’s final post, but for now… thanks so much for reading – and do it next month – you know you want to!!

Day 19 declutter challenge

30 Day Declutter Challenge – Days 19-23

We’re still at it!


We are becoming throwing-away-ninjas now. It’s so addictive getting rid of stuff – and I’m beginning to doubt that I’ll stop at the end of the month. A few people have asked if we’re on a shopping ban too. Technically not, but it’s actually really self-regulating. When you’re trying so hard to get rid of things it’s not exactly appealing to buy a bunch more stuff in. So far I don’t think we’ve bought anything this month at all. Winning!


So, what did we get rid of over the past few days?

19 fashion magazines (I find it so hard to throw out my old Vogues but I never read them again and they take up so much space – being strong!!). Have kept a few though as my Grandma gave me all her old vintage ones and it was such an amazing gift that I’d like to keep a few from my youth to pass on some day.

Day 19 declutter challenge




20 random items including a TV stand, christmas tree stand, a few things I’ve been meaning to put on eBay but probably never will, and a bunch of stuff from my bathroom cupboard.

Day 20 declutter challenge


21 clothes from my brother – the whole family is getting on board! He had a big clear out and is kindly covering Day 21 for us. What a trooper.

Declutter challenge Day 21



22 random items including 12 books, some board games, and a quality Pop Idol CD. So satisfying to get rid of the random clutter – it’s amazing how quickly you can see a difference on your surfaces and tabletops just from items you can’t ever remember wanting! Even if you don’t decide to take on this challenge yourself, do yourself a favour and throw away a few bags of stuff that you just grab off the surfaces! You’ll never look back.

Declutter challenge Day 22


23 items of clothing plus accessories and a few Christmas nic-naks. AND some large items – a cabinet and a massive mirror. We’re almost there!!

Declutter challenge Day 23



Meanwhile Jane and her family are trooping on – don’t worry about keeping up to date if you’re joining in remotely guys – just stick at it and make it to 30! You can do it :D Jane’s got rid of heaps of clothes, and a whole bag of plastic cups. Great progress.

jane day 9-11 declutter challenge



Anyone else got updates for me? Would love to hear how you’re doing!!