Justfor5Pounds.com – Review and OOTD

I’ve recently been approached by Justfor5Pounds.com to become one of their regular bloggers. Obviously I love the site as EVERYTHING is £5, and you know how much I love a bargain. I’ve actually bought some things off there before so this is going to be a good chance for me to try more of their range. In the past I’ve got things from similar sites and they’ve varied quite a bit in fit and quality, so will always be totally honest with you about how the items turn out. But so far… I love my first one!

It’s always a surprise to see what arrives in their bright pink packages and this time was a similarly bright pink playsuit. As you may know from previous posts I adore a good playsuit. I think they’re perfect for day-to-night looks and so comfy/chic. This one was fully put through it’s paces as I wore it to a bridesmaid nail salon appointment, full on day of thrifting, girly lunch, and then fancy dinner out. It worked out brilliantly for all the occasions and I felt glamorous all day long.



It’s quite thick waffle-ish fabric so seems like really good quality, and the concealed zip down the back is so much nicer than a standard one.


The exact item is here: http://www.justfor5pounds.com/products/CLOTHING/PlaySuits/p_EL3696 (sadly sold out – you’ve gotta be quick on this site as stuff does go really fast).

But you can see all their jumpsuits/playsuits here (there’s plenty to choose from): http://www.justfor5pounds.com/products/CLOTHING/PlaySuits 


The belt was actually my best best best find of my recent America holiday (masses of thrifted OOTD looks to follow….). It got it in Goodwill assuming it was fake (I’d been thinking of buying a fake off eBay but they’re still pretty pricey) but when I googled the markings later I found out it was actually genuine!! They can cost up to $200 on eBay and mine was just $1.99!! Crazy excited about this (obvs).


The black studded shoes are from a charity shop on my trusty Ashley Road, and the wicker bag too. Love bargain accessories!


Playsuit: £5 – Justfor5Pounds.com

Black studded kitten heels – £2 – Waggy Tails charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Moschino belt – £1.20 – Goodwill charity shop, Boston, USA

Wicker circle handbag – £3 – Waggy Tails charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole



All round a wonderfully bargain-ous outfit. Hope you approve….







I’m ridiculously in love with the Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 2015 runway show this year. It’s undoubtedly my favourite collection in this history of time…. so couldn’t resist sharing it with you!


It’s full of pastel blues and pinks with full bodied skirts, plus lots of 3D flowers and chiffon. Plus feathers, neon green, and the best coats I’ve ever seen in my life. Perfection!

Here’s some of my favourite outfits but if you want to see the full collection you can do so here: Vogue SS/2015 Oscar de la Renta


Oscar de la renta Spring Summer 2015 Oscar de la renta Spring Summer 2015 Oscar de la renta Spring Summer 2015 Oscar de la renta Spring Summer 2015 Oscar de la renta Spring Summer 2015

Holiday OOTD – Multitasking a playsuit



It can be tricky to know what to wear on holiday if (like me) you hate being too hot, but also can’t prance around the shops in a bikini. I find a playsuit is a perfect compromise as it’s smart enough to wear to a bar in the evening, but cool enough to wear to shops or tourist sights. Plus it hardly creases in your suitcase and is super light. A packing dream!




I adore the heart print on this playsuit – it is so cute and girly but not too over the top. I generally favour the ‘culottes’ shaped playsuits instead of tight ones as I think it’s more flattering and comfy.




These shoes have become a staple ever since I got them – they’re on a chunky platform so are really comfy (but still make people believe the myth that I’m 5’8″). They’re great on a night out, and a big more interesting than your standard black platform heels.





Outfit breakdown:

Navy heart print playsuit: £3 – Lewis-Manning Hospice charity shop, Poole

Embellished ball drop earrings: £1 – Miss Selfridge sale

Burgundy suede platform heels: £5 – Primark sale



Holiday OOTD – Bulgaria




Last week I went on a fabulous bargain holiday with my school friend to Bulgaria. We go away every year and always rent a villa as if there’s any decent number of you it works out cheaper than rooms in a hostel and WAY nicer! We only paid £200 each for rent for the week (including a private tennis court and swimming pool) and the house could hold 3x as many people as came. If that’s not enough of a recommendation of Bulgaria for you… it was also super sunny and pizzas in a restaurant cost £3!






Anyway…. back to bargain clothes: this outfit was wonderfully airy and cool but still with a chic pop of colour and something a bit unique and unusual. I embraced the holiday vibes with a seriously decadent hair garland, and have been feeling like the princess of our epic castle!




I got this chiffon shirt from http://www.justfor5pounds.com and have been in love with it ever since. It’s so simple yet so dramatic and chic and I always feel like a million bucks in it! It works well over a crop (as seen here) or a strappy, or even a mini dress. Seriously – who can be depressed when you’ve got a train on your outfit – I practically skip through the whole day!






Outfit breakdown:

Cream chiffon shirt: £5 – JustFor5Pounds.com

Lime green denim shorts: £2.59 – eBay

Flower garland: £1 – Primark sale

White crop: £1 – Primark sale

Chain necklace: 50p – Primark sale

Brown pumps: (over £5) – H&M


3 Tips to Epic Thriftiness – by Thrift Little

Yesterday the fabulous Thrifty Little did a refashioned OOTD costing £1.99 head to toe! Check it out here…..


Today she’s given me her top 3 thrifting tips and I just HAD to pass them on to you guys…. you deserve it!


Step 1 – Learn some mad skills on the sewing machine.

Ok so we can’t all be genius dressmakers, but there are a few simple techniques that once mastered can open up your world of thrift shopping to no end.

Beg borrow or steal yourself a basic machine and utilize YouTube for the many sewing tutorials you can find there. Useful things to learn include hemming a skirt, taking in a waistband and if you’re feeling brave, changing a zip (tough but endlessly useful)!

Practice, practice and practice some more on old clothes that you don’t mind ruining and then behold as your skills develop and those hundreds of ill fitting yet fabulous second hand items become exciting possibilities.


Step 2 – Choose quality.

As our society continues on its throwaway path our charity shops begin to fill up with cheap clothing that was never made to be owned by more than one person. Try to filter out the Primark cast offs and look instead for well made pieces in fabrics that last. If you’re going to spend time altering a piece you want to make sure that it will last. With the right pieces and the right care, you could be handing your unique and fabulous wardrobe down to your grandkids!


Step 3 – Never miss an opportunity.

Nip in to a charity shop at every chance you get, I have found some of my favourite pieces this way while full days of shopping have proved fruitless.

Stock is ever changing so 5 minutes on your lunch break every other day could make you the victor in snapping up that one of a kind piece that just arrived in store. There’s no harm in befriending the staff in your local stores either, get enough of a dialogue going and maybe they’ll even take a look in the mysterious ‘back room’ and see if there are any treasures hiding in there for you!






Hope these handy tips come in useful – I’ve been meaning to brush up on my sewing skills for a while now and bizarrely it never occurred to me to turn to Youtube – definitely going to be spending my long winter evenings on that!


If you like what you see check out her blog and her etsy site for more fabulous one of a kind refashions.  

Guest Blogger – Thrifty Little OOTD



I’ve been recently discovering loads of amazing bloggers via Instagram (follow me on @louisecroft) and Thrifty Little is one of my favourites.

a) She’s got EPIC hair

b) She’s amazing at ‘refashions’ (i.e. turning gross clothes into awesome clothes)

c) She agreed to do two guest blog posts for me.

All reasons to love her and follow her blog: www.thriftylittle.com/blog


This post is a refashioned Outfit Of The Day and I must say I’m totally in love! If you like what you see then make sure you keep an eye out for her second blog post tomorrow: Top Thrifting Tips – ‘3 Steps to Epic Thriftiness’






So overall: £1.99 (and some elbow grease) for an amazing retro, one of a kind, neon outfit. Right on trend, and very much on budget!


If you like the look of her upcycled gems check out her Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/ThriftyLittle

Britishette – Today’s Guest Blogger

Today I’m doing a very exciting partnership with the fabulous thrift blogger Britishette. She’s a second hand personal shopper so finds loads of fabulous bargains in charity shops for herself and clients. Plus she’s UK based which is surprisingly rare for a thrift blogger so I was chuffed to find her! She’s definitely inspired me with her lovely outfit compositions, and she has a super adorable family too. She sells a few things online too so check it out if you like her taste: www.britishette.tictail.com
Here’s an ‘outfit of the day’ that she did for me from 100% charity shop clothes. Head over to her blog tonight to check out the outfit I’ve posted on her page too!

Comptoir des Cotonniers dress: £15 (Sue Ryder charity shop in Camden London)

Forever 21 Crossover bag: £5 (Cancer Research UK in Islington London)

Maje booties: £15 (Sue Ryder charity shop in Islington London)






I love the slightly cowboy-ish feel of the suede boots and tassel bag – this outfit looks super comfy and a great mix of feminine and urban.  Britishette always does a great job of creating wearable every day looks on a bargain budget!






If you have a blog or know someone who might like to do a guest post let me know as I’d love to feature more bloggers and support each other! 


Thrifting in Tallinn – Lingerie and Ripped Jeans



This is my final outfit from the GetRedressed collaboration – find out more about their exciting upcycling, recycling and repurposing work at www.redress.com.uk or on their instagram account.




This day was a little bit cooler in Tallinn so I went for light wash loose jeans. I bought these at the Jaam Balti flea market (Tallinn) for 50 cents and then hand distressed them myself with whatever random kitchen implements I could find in my boyfriends apartment. I’ll do a full tutorial soon on how to distress jeans as I was really surprised and how easy and effective it was!




I paired the jeans with a sexy but dressed down silk nightie that I got for 2.50€ in the Humana charity shop. I loved the rich navy colour mixed with the delicate lace, and was inspired by how many other bloggers and celebrities have been wearing nighties as dresses! To avoid going too overboard I tucked it into my jeans as a top…. but if I’m feeling brave soon I might wear it as a dress!




I really went for the fun random mix vibe in this look and added my ‘new’ Snoopy sweatshirt as a touch of colour and humour. I was really determined that the nightie wouldn’t be sexy or slutty so thought torn jeans, trainers and a snoopy jumper would certainly take (almost) all the sex appeal out! I felt very cool and casual all day, but still lovely and silky and luxurious. Perfect!





Washout Mango jeans – 0.5€ – distressed myself – Jaam Balti market, Tallinn

Pink Estonian Snoopy sweatshirt – 0.3€ – Jaam Balti market, Tallinn

Navy and lace lingerie slip – 2.50€ – Humana (charity shop), Tallinn







What do you think? Would you dare to distress your own jeans? And would you be seen outside of your bedroom in just a silk nightie?? Would love your thoughts!

Thrifting in Tallinn – Simple Blue Dress




All this week I’m being featured on Redress with bargain thrifted outfits from Tallinn. If you like this one check out my Mesh Shirt and Lace Shorts or Orange Lace Cutout Dress. For my long weekend trip to visit the boyf I decided not to pack ANY outfits and just pick up stuff in flea markets and charity shops as I went. It was a really fun challenge and surprisingly easy to find a bunch of great outfits to mix and match. I’d definitely do it again seeing as I normally buy far too much to fit in my suitcase anyway!




This outfit was just a simple Zara bodycon with capped sleeves and a scoop back. It’s lovely thick fabric so is really flattering, and has a few extra panels and seams which help nip in your waist even more. Definitely makes me feel like a million bucks!




This scarf was one of the only things I packed – I ALWAYS take one on trips as they’re so versatile and handy. I use this as an emergency coverup if I’m cold or the sun is too harsh, plus as a decoration on my handbag or on top of a simple outfit like this. This scarf caught my eye immediately at a local fashion show I went to where a local seller had a market stall. It’s a great lilac leopard print and I love how girly and sugary it looks until you see the massive eyes staring at you!





Blue Zara bodycon dress – 2€ – Jaam Balti market, Tallinn

Purple leopard design scarf – £5 – local designer (Bournemouth)